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What is Pre-Funding?

We collect historical reimbursement information by CPT code (charge codes) across all payors and then pay you directly. Now, simply calculate your exact reimbursement by adding up patient visits and charge codes.

What will be Pre-Funded?

During the evaluation process, historical information is gathered to determine Pre-Funding rate per CPT level. Then, it is a matter of simple math (volume x CPT’s).

How about our old AR?

Nobility will review your aged accounts receivable and determine the net collectible value. We will then make an offer based on that value. Upon acceptance we will wire funds into your account.

Can you help negotiate better contracts with the payers?

Our goal is to Pre-Fund you at the highest rate possible. We will review your current contracts with existing payers to find opportunities for higher insurance reimbursements.

How is Nobility unlike traditional billing companies?

We are unlike traditional billing companies because we remove the opportunity for mis-trust with our Pre-Funding program. We help you achieve better productivity by giving you your money upfront. We take the risk of payer reimbursements.

What if you collect less?

That is Nobility’s risk. Through Pre-Funding the practice has already been paid in full.

Do you do Credentialing?

Yes. We provide credentialing so you get paid appropriately.

How does Nobility charge for its service?

We charge a percentage fee-for-service, similar to other major outsourced billing services.

Is this factoring?

No. Factoring requires you to pay interest on advanced funds. Then you must collect all receivables yourself and shoulder the cost.

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Pre-Funding Program
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