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Explosive Health Tech Company WebPT Chooses NobilityRCM as New Partner

Nobility has been specially selected by WebPT to help handle the revenue cycle component of WebPT’s popular solution for physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Nobility provides medical claim processing and revenue maximization for medical practices of all sizes. The partnership will allow WebPT to add a resource to it’s rapidly growing customer base that will help with the financial […]

Nobility Partners with MNET Financial

Mnet Financial has partnered with Nobility to customize a program for surgeons throughout the country.  Medical billing can be an expensive endeavor requiring significant investment and oversight. Mnet Financial offers surgeons the option to reduce all of their billing responsibilities into a predictable flat fee. Another unique feature of this offering is that the funding is provided […]

Is Now the Time to Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Outsourced medical billing has come into favor as medical practices face newer problems thanks to changing billing requirements and rules as a result of the Affordable Care Act. ICD-10 coding changes has lead to a greater complexity of billing procedures, leading to claim denials or delays. The new Health Insurance Exchange Plans do provide wider […]

High Deductible Health Plans Adversely Impacting Medical Practitioners

With more and more employers opting for affordable health care plans, the percentage of people signing up for High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) is increasing. According to a census report released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the average annual growth of HDHP enrollment was 15% since 2011. This is a massive increase, and enrollments […]

Arizona healthcare company eliminates the financial burden of ICD-10 and helps physicians make more

The Pre-Funding Program is designed to help eliminate the uncertainty of medical billing and insurance reimbursement payments to physicians and medical practices. The Nobility Pre-Funding Program solves the problem of declining reimbursements and rising costs by providing medical practices with predictable revenue every month. This provides financial stability, opens up great opportunity for better care, […]