Financial Mastery
for your Healthcare Facility, Group Practice or Solo Practice.

Are you in the dark about your Revenue Cycle and how it is affecting your bottom line?

Your revenue cycle is the lifeblood of your practice resources and growth. In healthcare, the revenue cycle is based on a number of variables that affect how much you get paid for your services. These variables include; payer mix, billing processes, accounts receivable data, coding practices, technology and key performance indicator benchmarks.

A normal revenue cycle involves as many as 17 steps to collect. Pre-Funding reduces that to three steps:
1. Treat the patient.
2. Submit the claim.
3. Get paid.

Does it feel like an uphill struggle just to get paid for the work you do?

When you learn how to gain visibility into all the revenue cycle variables you gain the power to effect change and improve your reimbursements and profits. This is hard to do alone and it requires you to be the master of your practice’s overall performance. You can take the right steps and we can help you get there.

Is it impossible to predict what your cash flow will be monthly or annually?

Be empowered with all the data and knowledge needed to make smart decisions about your practice’s growth. You can achieve the freedom to make accurate predictions about cash flow and plan for expansion and growth with less risk.

Are you getting paid consistent with others in your specialty and region?

All of your training and expertise brought you to the top of your field and your patients and community see the value. So why isn’t your practice performing at the same high level? Take the steps to achieve financial mastery of your practice and be a top revenue performer for your specialty.

Ready to realize true Financial Mastery of your practice?

Nobility Pre-Funding program gives you 100% predictable income so you can focus on productivity and mastering your revenue cycle.

Find out how
frees your practice

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Free Yourself From the Uncertainty of Medical Billing

Free Yourself From the Uncertainty of Medical Billing (6396 KB) Find out how Nobility solves your billing problem and help you focus on your practice growth.

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