Nobility provides a Full Service Billing Solution, so you can focus on patient care and practice performance.

1. Credentialing Support

Nobility provides complete credentialing services to insure accurate and timely claims processing.

2. Create, Scrub, and Submit Claims

We submit clean claims the first time, reducing denials and improve revenue.

3. Manage Denials and Rejections

We will work every claim denial to completion and identify areas to improve the speed and predictability of reimbursements.

4. Patient Statements and Collections

We provide easy to understand patient statements that help make patient responsibility payments easier.

5. Inbound Billing Inquiries

Our dedicated customer service staff relate to your patients the way you want. Our goal is to help your patients understand their responsibilities and claims status.

6. Financial Health Reporting

With clear visibility into claim status, denials, and patient balances, you understand where outstanding dollars are located, which allows you to feel more secure.

7. Practice Performance Consultations

Understand how well you are being paid per carrier, through cash payments and in comparison to peers in your geographic area, or throughout the country.

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Professional Medical Billing Services

Get your accounts receivable to “Zero” with our Pre-Funding Program. Our unique Pre-Funding program puts the cash in your hand for all the services your provide. We pay you, then go collect from the insurance company. Our Pre-Funding Program requires no personal guarantees like a loan or other cash infusion.
Over time, due to patient balances, and claim denials, many practices experience an increase in accounts receivable. This is valuable cash that could be recouped for operating expenses. We can help get that money in your bank fast and collect on outstanding claims for you.
When a practice is experiencing rapid growth it often needs cash to fill the gap created by the delay in reimbursements. We can help to provide a cash infusion that will cover payroll, supplies, or even equipment investments.

Financial Management Services

3.0%- 5% (claims submission only)

Many practices are concerned about whether they are maximizing their coding to get the highest reimbursements. Chart Auditing is a great way to ensure your E&M; or surgical coding documentation meets industry requirements and prompts appropriate allowable reimbursement for services you perform. Practices seeking a more in-depth review of their documentation or working to improve their coding acumen find this process especially beneficial.
Our coding experts are available for hourly review and discussion of your coding and reimbursement issues. We can provide advice on E&M; for most specialties, and surgical coding.
Nobility offers professional insurance verification and pre-auths to establish accurate and valid insurance benefit per patient. With this service, you can be confident that you won’t see a patient for free, when insurance benefits can be verified prior to service.
Negotiation of more profitable payer contracts and reimbursement. We negotiate profitable contracts for medical practices of all sizes, complexity, and specialties. We utilize our expertise to analyze top payer fee schedules, compare them to benchmarks, and to one another, optimize them, integrate, and by CPT Code.

Practice Management Services

Maintaining up to date credentials is a requirement for upholding hospital staff or facility privileges, as well as continuing as a participating provider with insurance plans. Any lapse in doing so could disrupt your ability to see patients. We can help take the burden away from your office manager so they can focus on running the practice.
When enrolling new providers to a practice, Nobility acts as your own in-house credentialing department, employing a three step credentialing process to expedite your enrollment.
Practices that are considering a new EHR or replacing a previous EHR should consider discussing the options available with one of Nobility’s industry experts. We can assist you in selection of the EHR that best fits your type of practice. We guide you through the entire selection and implementation process.
Practice Assessment is “360 degree” review of the practice. Operations, reimbursement, personnel, and financial systems are all evaluated. We identify the practice areas that need attention, and where the biggest upside is. The action-oriented summary you receive provides specific, customized, step-by-step advice for addressing the most critical issues first.
Our legal team will file appropriate legal paperwork on your behalf to establish a professional medical organization. If you are considering leaving an existing group practice and beginning a practice of your own, we can help create the legal foundation for success right from the beginning.
Nobility has partnered with a leading full service human resources company. Through this partnership Nobility is able to offer a broad range of Human Resource, Payroll, Benefits, and employee focused services:
Many practices find opportunities to improve cash flow with specialized ancillary services. It is important that you understand whether this is going to add more profit or just more overhead. We can help you set up the most profitable strategy to implement your program and track the results over time.
The patient referral process represents one of the most time consuming aspects of a practice flow. Specialists rely on referrals for practice growth and primary care practices rely on referrals for patient satisfaction. We can help improve your referral process to save valuable time and promote practice growth.

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